Cameron’s President Biya Receives African Traditional Rulers Award

African Traditional Rulers have Honoured Cameroon’s President, Paul Biya, for giving presidential pardon to 333 people implicated in the socio political crisis in his country.


Biya was given the award for exhibiting what they described as a rare human and moral values that have guided him to steer the ship of his nation peacefully in the last 37 years.

The award titled, BAOBA, which means “Grand Award for Rallying, Dialogue and Promotion of Peace in Africa,” was bestowed on him by the Pan- African Council of Traditional and Customary Authorities (PACTCA).


PACTCA is a body of guardians of African traditions with global vision of promoting African values and cultures.


The group hailed the kills and what it described as the enlighten vision with which Biya has been managing the affairs of his country in the past 36 years.


“Paul Biya is a man who after 37 years, against all odds, defying crisis and obstacles of all kinds, but also enjoying the numerous victories which embellished his exceptional achievements, in a style which is particular to him made up of unfathomable phlegm and soft firmness, continues to lead his people towards a certainly radiant future,” the PACTCA said in a citation to justify the award during a well attended ceremony held inside the palace of His Majesty Dada Awoyan Kokpon Houdegbe in the Republic of Benin.

The PACTCA highlighted some of the laudable actions of Biya which necessitated the traditional rulers’ decision to celebrate the Cameroonian president.

“It’s noteworthy that there was presidential pardon for 333 people implicated in the socio political crisis which has been rocking the North-west and South West of Cameroon for three years on 3 September, 2019.

“In the same breath and on the following day, President Biya, in the posture of a family head, even though holding power, behaved as a ‘Peace Beggar’ and decided that legal proceedings against some political leaders and their supporters arrested during the turmoil period consecutive to the October 2018 presidential election, must be halted.

“This appeasement measure led to the liberation of 102 people, and from the above mentioned facts, it is undeniable that President Paul Biya has shown his sense of consensus which was confirmed by the organization from September 30 to October 4, 2019 of the Grand National Dialogue.

“This led to the gathering under the Palaver Three of hundreds of Cameroonians of all walks of life: government officials, political party leaders, members of the civil societies, various interest groups, Cameroonians of the Diaspora, North West and South West fighters, traditional rulers and others.

“We are proud to say that this forum produced resolutions and solutions proposals as ways out of the crisis which has been penalising the North-west and South-west regions for three years and to pave the way for a fresh start of the nation of Cameroon based on long-lasting peace.

“President Biya’s decisions were motivated by, but not limited to his human and moral values, equity, justice, equality, self sacrifice, patience and others,” the group said.


President of PACTCA, His Majesty, Dada Awiyan Kokpon Houdegbe, Prof. Octave Cossi Houdegbe, who is the owner of Houdegbe North American University in Cotonou, Benin, said that the Pan African Council of Traditional Rulers see the Cameroonian president as role model and example to other leaders on the continent because of his exemplary character to pursue peace in his country.

He disclosed that there is grand plan to visit President Biya in Yaounde to officially present the award to him.

The ceremony was climaxed with entertainment to showcase the voodoo power of Africans to the delight of the dignitaries who included traditional rulers from some African countries, captains of industry, journalists and residents.